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How to get better sleep

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You can get better sleep for the rest of your life when you realize that adequate
sleep is one of life's essentials. Most active people require approximately eight
hours of sleep out of every twenty four hours. Of course, this varies with individuals
but as a general guide to having a good, healthy life you should make it a point to
be aware of your basic need to get enough sleep every day. If you find yourself
working long hours each week and then you spend time doing lots of partying on
weekends you may be depriving your body of the sleep it needs to maintain good

You may ask what happens when I don't get enough sleep? When you deprive your
brain of enough sleep you become sleep-deprived. Here are some things that could
happen without your even realizing they are happening. (1) You may find that you
cannot absorb the jist of the conversations you hear. (2) You could get drowsey
while working or driving. (3) You may find yourself reading and re-reading the
same page over and over again without understandng what it is that you are
reading. All of this can happen because your brain is actually demandng more sleep
and you may not be aware that sleep is what is needed.

You need to realize that sleep is as important to your overall health as proper diet
and exercise. Studies have shown that when we don't get enought sleep there is a
definite malfunctioning of our brains: Eight consequences of too little sleep are:
Your reaction time slows, attention drifts, focus on details fails, creativity suffers,
memory is affected and you can't seem to understand or take in new ideas.

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