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It Came to Pass

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It Came To Pass

For Jesus, some of the events that came to pass were:

The Bethlehem star, the growing, learning years; he wedding feast and the wine; the time of teaching and instruction; the mountain top meeting; the miracles; fishing for men; walking on water; the healings.

There was also:

The bread, the wine, the washing of feet; the trial; the humiliation; the suffering; the cross; the dying. And then the journey to the pit of Hell itself! The victory; the death of Death, walking out of the tomb and the reunion with old friends.

All of this was followed by a time of visiting and rejoicing and then the parting gift and – then the promise of life, life everlasting!

Over and over (in fact, more than 800 times!) the Bible says to us: “It came to pass.” As I study the above condensation of the life and times of Jesus, the greatest life ever lived, the impact of it all, the simplicity of it all, the magnitude and majesty of it all is enough to overwhelm me…and it does…until I remember, again, the many places in the Word of God where it simply says to us very matter-of-factly - “It came to pass…”

In the same way, I can step to one side and study my life thoughtfully and try to analytically examine my experiences. As I look at my progression, that is, my journey through the years, I see: periods of learning; times of great exuberant joy, some interludes of sorrow, grief and even a severe wounding of my heart that I thought would never heal. While there has frequently been hard work and struggle, there is also exhilarating victory, much happiness and – enduring love.

Even now, as I do my best to serve God each day, whatever the hurdles, I have the confident assurance that Jesus will guide me and help me overcome all obstacles. His life is proof enough for me that whatever happens, here and now, it is in some way, for His glory. And when there are difficulties, I am confident that they will not stay to plague me for very long because, as the Bible says, they merely –“came to pass.”