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FAQ Halloween Costumes

Frequently Asked Questions / Tips and Tricks for Halloween Costumes 

Do you have costumes for pets?

Yes! Some of the most popular costumes in our inventory are those designed specifically for our four-legged friends. From pet cheerleaders to fuzzy pirates to hot dogs, we have them all right here. Check out the Pet Costumes page and fall in love with the selection of adorable selections for animal companions large and small.

I want to purchase a costume, but how do I find the right size?

We understand how difficult and nerve-wracking it can be to shop for clothing without the convenience of a changing room. Size numbers can be deceiving, and that’s why we measure by the inch, in order to ensure the perfect fit every time. Check out our handy Costume Size Chart to find the right measurements for your costuming needs. Our chart even covers pet sizes!

 Caring for my latex Mask 

Most of our masks are made from latex and either can arrive misshapen, flattened or you may have pulled it out of storage from last year.

Easy fix!

You can eiher soak the mask in warm water for 10 minutes and place over manquin head... what? You don't have a manequin head? I thought everyone had these, never the less, take a balloon and blow it up inside the mask till it's a comfortable fit and let the mask dry. 

If you don't want to get the hair wet on the mask, you can use a hair dryer, you have one of those right? Place on low setting, use the balloon trick and gently run the low heat over hte mask until it softens enough for you to reshapen. 

Tip for storing your mask after Halloween - Sprinkle some baby powder inside the mask (good tip to rid of any funky smells, no need to scare anyone off now) This will prevent the mask from getting stuck to itself during storage. Stuff the mask with balled up newspaper or any stuffing material and this will help the mask keep it's shape till next season.