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GemLites: A Special Type of GelGem

If you haven’t heard of the newest and coolest decorating trend, you’re in for a treat.

GemLites are a type of gel gem (the colorful, squishy items that easily stick to your windows or mirror) that actually light up!

Amazing LED (light emitting diode) technology makes it possible to spread the sparkle to new areas of the room. These technologically advanced GelGems have LEDs safely embedded inside to produce a heat-free light that can either glow steadily or blink on a special setting. The generous length of the cord runs to a small box holding two common lithium batteries. These are included with your order, but also really easy to replace.

gem lites butterflies.jpg

Butterflies Are Free to Fly

Here are six butterflies and six dots that appear in an array of three colors: awesome orange, perfectly plum, and totally turquoise. There is no better gift for your daughter, granddaughter, or niece; not only do they make a beautiful display for her room, but they can also function as a night light!

Imagine working together with your little girl to place these unique GelGems on her bedroom window or even her bathroom mirror! Light them up, and they’re sure to be a pretty sight!

However, just because plenty of little girls love butterflies, who says that ladies or even boys won’t get a kick out of them, too? All GemLites in our collection have the ability to be an inexpensive and unforgettable gift for almost anyone on your list.

gem lites welcome.jpg

Hello, and Welcome to My Home!

Okay, now, this is just cool. Let’s say that you invite your Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe over for dinner. The moment they step onto your porch, something catches their eye: on the front window of your house, or the glass on your screen door, is a blinking sign that reads, “Welcome!”

GemLites from All Seasons for All Reasons are cute, colorful, and provide a unique way to welcome your guests into your home.

They are even great for your neighborhood cookout, library, small business, or church gathering. Like all of our GelGems, these unique decorations are reusable, so whenever you are in need, you can just break it out of storage and put it to use again!

gem lites skulls.jpg

Creeeeeeak! Creeeeeepy!

Where is that spooky laughter coming from? Why, it’s your house, of course! It’s Halloween and, among your other decorations, you’ve added GemLites to the front windows for spooky-good fun!

Yet, these little skulls are also tame enough to add some fun to your little trick-or-treaters’ holiday without scaring them. Everyone will enjoy seeing them lit up, and it will let you spread the holiday cheer to every passerby.

Oh, and if you’re having a party, don’t forget to set up these glowing skulls on your bathroom mirror...in the dark.


Every Holiday, Every Season—We Have a Reason!

We love to see you smile, and our beautiful, clever products never cease to bring smiles to our customers’ faces. GemLites and our other GelGems are so reasonably priced that you could easily have a set for every occasion. Collect them all to mix-and-match based on your child’s ever changing preferences. Come check out our selection today!