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Originals By Weber Disposable Sleep Mask


Brand: Crafty-ones

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Weber Designed Very Popular Sleep Aid Used in: schools, meetings, travel, games, airliners, experiments, yoga, hospitals, radiology, and more...

MRI & Radiology/Imaging Safe - NO Metal. 

Made in U.S.A.

Weber designed this disposable mask because there has long been a need for a DISPOSABLE but durable, low cost, lightweight, NON-METALIC blindfold. 

Examples of practical blindfold uses include: schools for sensory testing; soldiers on deployment, businesses for various kinds of employee training, shift workers who must sleep in daytime, hotels and resorts for use as part of the entertainment of guests during game times, and also hospitals and medical clinics where radiology testing of patients requires that eyes be protected and covered with a metal-free mask. Many airline travelers and hospital patients have expressed a need for an inexpensive, disposable eye covering to shade their eyes from the constant glare of overhead lights. Patients also use masks during MRI examinations. Doctors use the masks for quick naps. In addition, hotel guests can quite effectively use them as sleep masks where the lights that shine in bedroom windows can disturb their sleep. Other uses include: as a sports aid for practice, blind simulations and drills, as a facial aid in cosmetology, for taste testing in the food industry, and for college students in dormitories

WEBER ORIGINAL DISPOS-ABLE-MASK BLINDFOLDS are inexpensive (one size fits all) are made of thin (2mm) black non-allergic, non-toxic, acid and latex-free felt material that is both strong and flexible enough to easily conform to most facial contours and at the same time achieve a satisfactory room darkening effect to allow better sleep for the wearer. The lightweight mask (0.08 oz.) is held firmly and comfortably in place with a single one-quarter inch wide black elastic strap. The tension of the strap is adjusted for comfort and fit by means of a plastic ring. The ring can be centered at the back of the head or moved to left or right sides for enhanced comfort of the wearer while sleeping.

Each Weber mask is packaged in a clear plastic re-sealable zipper bag with instructions.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONEY BACK (all but shipping out and back)




NOTE: OPTIONAL EXTRAS AVAILABLE NOW: Re-usable Washable Felt Covers or Disposable Tissue liners can be used to extend the life of these masks. 

BENEFIT: The inside of the mask is always kept clean by the Washable Liner because you simply remove it, wash it and put it back on the inside of the mask.

This means you will always have a a clean, fresh, sanitary mask to wear. 

Without this Liner, the inside of the mask will gradually pick up dirt and oils from your skin and then it will have to discarded.

The Washable Liner is a unique feature designed and invented by Weber.

It saves you money because your mask will last much longer.


Buy in bulk and save! 

50 masks      $3.90 each.

100 masks     $3.80 each.

250 masks     $3.70 each.

300 masks     $3.60 each

500 (or more) $3.50 each.

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Weber Sleep Mask

  • Weber Sleep Mask
    Weber Sleep Mask