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cold weather mask

It always seems to sneak up on us: that time of year when the seasons turn the corner and the weather takes a turn towards freezing. Luckily, we have all of the key accessories you need to be prepared for low temperatures, blustery winds, ice, sleet, and snow. Originals By Weber provides a great cold weather mask line to protect you from the winter cold. Whether you’re the type to spend all season outside hitting the slopes, or only need to get from your front door to your car, we’ve got you covered.

A  Convenient Cold Weather Mask for Any Day, Any Time

If your idea of enjoying winter means spending your free time inside, curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and a book, that doesn’t quite mean you can skirt the elements and avoid wintery weather altogether. Our Economy Cold Weather Mask offers great protection from the cold, whether you’re spending five minutes outside or five hours. Adjustable elastic bands slip easily over the ears and stay firmly in place, no matter how much you move. Our distinct technology includes an attachment placed inside of the mask, called a metal thermal heat sink, helps warm the cold winter air before you breathe it in and keeps your mask clean and sanitary—it can even be shared between several people without having to worry about passing germs around. It’s the perfect solution for fending off freezing winter air.

A Heavy-Duty Product for Serious Warmth

Our high performance Deluxe Cold Weather Face Mask offers the highest level of protection. The high performance softshell mask is made from tightly knit fleece with a laminate nylon shell. Our deluxe masks are great for outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding and are designed to fit with helmets and goggles, so there’s no room for excess air to get in anywhere. You’ll be free to ice fish, hunt, skate, run, camp, and ski knowing you can keep the cold at bay. 

Extra Accessories for Additional Warmth

If you’re still looking to keep the chill away, we’ve got even more to offer. Explore our wrist wraps to extend the protection you don’t always get from gloves, or try our toasty feet shoe insoles to keep you warm and happy until spring. With a focus on the latest and most innovative technology, we’ll keep you comfortable even through the most extreme conditions.

sleep mask

Our Top Rated Sleep Masks

The comfort we provide doesn’t stop at a cold weather mask: Originals By Weber also offers a selection of disposable and reusable sleep masks that offer the same quality we guarantee with all of our winter wear. Our sleep masks are designed for ease and comfort with easily adjustable straps and flexible, soft materials, guaranteeing a great night’s rest no matter where you are.