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Our Team

Tami Polichetti

me-mom.jpgTami Polichetti is an accountant, mother of four, and founder of Crafty Ones. Originally created to support the work of some of her dear friends, Tami has grown her business into a flourishing success through hard work and the support of her family.

Tami started selling online to promote handmade crafts she made in her husbands’ workshop. Now Crafty Ones is incorporated, with a few stockholders and family members operating the company. They’ve expanded solely from handmade crafts to home décor, costumes, and novelty gifts. Between running Crafty Ones, a successful CPA practice, and a busy household, it’s hard to see how Tami makes it all happen! But she does.



CJ Polichetti

CJ Polichetti

CJ Polichetti joined the company in 2006 by overseeing shipping logistics. Unfortunately, CJ was lost this year in a tragic accident, but his efforts in getting the retail store off the ground still linger. He was responsible for setting up and making the isles, wall displays, and shelving units, and spent many hours unpacking and setting up the store.

In his memory, the officers and family have set up a non-profit organization “CJ’s Livin the Dream” Foundation. The foundation will continue CJ’s work with youth sports, Boy Scouts 4-H, and other youth organizations by providing funding for special programs, as well as paying for entrance fees for the disadvantaged to participate in youth programs. For more information on the “CJ’s Livin the Dream” Foundation, please visit its Facebook page.


Samantha Polichetti

easter.jpgSamantha, our sales manager, has been working with her mother for almost 10 years now and is now managing the store and sales. Attending college full time at Bucks County Community College and keeping her fulltime position we keep her busy! With a bubbly personality and cheerful disposition, she is a joy to meet and talk with and brings a smile to every face.


Missi Dell'Orefice

Missi Dell'OreficeOther than being our office manager, Missi is a mother of four and keeps herself busy with her involvement in the Forest Grove Presbyterian Church and Kirkwood Camp. Her ability to learn quickly and complete work efficiently keeps our office running smoothly.


Joe Polichetti

Joe PolichettiJoe handles shipping and mans the store, and has been known to make a mean snowman—even dressing up as one! He’s been working with the family for a few years now. A junior in high school, Joe is involved in Boy Scouts, and is interested in going to college for business or accounting.


Nick Polichetti

Nick PolichettiNick, another of our shipping handlers, has been manning the store for some time now, and has been known to pop in under his alias “Batman” from time to time. Batman was last seen at our Halloween party roasting hot dogs. Nick is a sophomore in high school, and involved in Boy Scouts and sports. He’s played football for 10 years!


Jess Roberts

Jess RobertsCrafty Ones’ newest recruit, our sales associate Jess handles shipping orders and is beginning to work on website maintenance. She is a sophomore in high school and is part of Young Business Leaders of America. She plans to pursue a business or accounting degree in college.


Mare Limbert

Mare LimbertMare Limbert is our in-house artist. Not only do we offer her original paintings for sale, but she also teaches on-site painting classes. A local resident, Mare grew up a few miles from the store’s location and has been teaching art classes for several years. She keeps the classes fun, easy to follow, and is a great addition to the group.


Terry Weber

Terry WeberTerry Weber is a stockholder, marketing officer, author of 11 (going on 12!) e-books and one of the original crafters from Crafty Ones. Terry Weber is a retired advertising/direct mail sales letter copywriter and inventor of several useful items now being offered on his website. Examples include: “No Light” sleep mask, Weber denture liner, Weber thermal wrist/ankle wraps, “Snore No More” shield, the original disposable sleep mask, Weber hearing aid liners, Weber breath warmer mask, and many, many more.



BentleyBentley is our store mascot. We are known to have “bring your dog to work” days and he loves to greet visitors in the store. He does anything for a treat!