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Sherwood Tree Fall Decoration


Brand: Design Ideas

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Product Description

Who says that decorative trees are just for Christmas? Celebrate autumn in style with these sherwood tree fall decorations. Unique and beautiful, these sherwood tree decorations for the fall add an outdoor touch to any home. The dark brown color adds warmth, and inspires beloved, cozy feelings of fall.

Endless Decorative Possibilities

One of the best aspects of these sherwood tree fall decorations is that their interior design potential is limitless! With a clean and beautiful design, these tree decorations work well in any room of the house throughout the fall and winter seasons. Add a touch of autumn in the living room atop a mantle or coffee table, or display in the dining room for your next dinner party or holiday meal. The sherwood tree fall decorations also add life to the bedroom of any adult or child.

The beauty doesn’t stop there. With sturdy branches, the sherwood tree collection can be adorned with our seasonal ornaments for a festive holiday piece. Another fun idea is to purchase our colorful finch bird decorations and perch them throughout the branches. The medium and large trees also work beautifully as unique jewelry trees, and can be used to display and organize a variety of rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Create your own forest using an assortment of the tree shapes and sizes, and inspire a unique sense of fall. There’s always time to celebrate this gorgeous season.


Size Price Measures
Extra Small $  5.50  9 x 11 x 1.4"
Small $  8.00  11 x 14.5 x 2"
Medium $15.00  11.75 x 20 x 2.4"
Large $35.00  17.75 x 24.75 x 2.6"
Extra Large $45.00  25.5 x 31.25 x 3.2"